All students residing on campus must have a meal plan and are automatically enrolled in the 225 Block Plan. Switching to another meal plan is possible within the first two weeks of the semester by contacting Student Financial Services, 207-859-1111 (Extension 105).

Absolutely! You may purchase a Block Plan on our online store or add Terrier Bucks via your Quick Links on the Thomas College website.

Students living on campus select their Meal Plan as part of the housing selection process each Academic Year. Commuters can purchase block plans at the Dining Center register or online.

Changes to meal plans after the initial selection are made directly with Thomas College Student Financial Services. Mandatory plan changes, within the allowable choices, may include greater or lesser count plans only through the first two calendar weeks of the semester. This “grace period” ends at 11:59:59 PM on the date supplied in the student waiver/meal plan selection form. After the grace period, mandatory plans may only be changed to higher count plans. Mandatory plans may not be dropped unless your place of residency has changed to a non-dormitory location. Please, note that any change to a plan will result in a recalculation of your Board Bucks as stated above.

We have options for you! The Dining Center closes at 7:00p.m. Sunday through Thursday and at 6:30pm Friday and Saturday. If you're looking for food options after dinner hours, The Dog Pound is open until 10:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. If you are on campus for lunch you can use our Reusable To Go Container program and choose your dinner from any of our lunch menus - or you can order a bag lunch to eat later. 

Please let us know as soon as possible.  Students have access to Sodexo’s Registered Dietitian, Chelsea Champagne, who can create a plan to meet your dietary requirements while dining on campus. Email her to schedule your free consultation. Please inform our General Manager as well, so we can ensure that you have a safe experience.

Yes! We have many options, and we add more every semester. In fact, many items are added based on requests from students. The Dining Center regularly offers menu options that are made with Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free ingredients that are clearly identified on our signage. We also offer almond milk, and made-without-gluten staple items. There is a dedicated Gluten Free fridge stocked for our patrons, as well as a dedicated microwave and toaster. As always, please let us know if you are dining with dietary restrictions and we will be happy to accommodate you. 

One recommendation is our Reusable To Go Container program. Sign up with the checker at the Dining Center! 

Any student on a meal plan can order a bag lunch to be picked up at the Dining Center. Just place your order by selecting a Sandwich or Salad or Sandwich with a Side Salad and one item from the rest of the categories. Just make sure you bring your ID with you when you pick up your lunch for the checker/cashier to scan.
Please note that all orders need 24 hours advance notice. For questions or if you would like to request a recurring order, please speak with the Cashier in the dining hall or at (207) 859-1116.

Thomas College uses the campus system to process bag meal orders. It is simple to use! Click here to place a bag lunch request. 
Bag meal orders require a 24-hour notice during the week and any weekend orders need to be placed by Friday afternoon, to ensure they are prepared. If you can't make the 24-hour notice, reach out to the Dining Center checker to discuss arrangements, making sure you can dine!

All meal plans include Board Bucks. These are dedicated funds automatically attached to a plan, which may be used to purchase food at the Dog Pound or Jeanie's Café. Board Buck amounts are predetermined for each plan and may not be purchased separately or increased during the semester. All unused Board Bucks are forfeited at the end of the academic year, or at the time the student is no longer in attendance at Thomas College. Should a student’s status change during the term (resident to commuter, or no longer in attendance), they will be responsible for paying back any used “unearned” dollars. This is determined in accordance with Thomas College’s refund policy.

For resident student meal plans, Board Buck amounts are as follows:
Terrier Plus Unlimited + $50 Board Bucks/semester  
225 Block + $325 Board Bucks/semester
135 Block + $450 Board Bucks/semester (not available to first year students)
100 Block + $350 Board Bucks/semester (available only to Juniors, Seniors and graduate students)

No, but you can use Board Bucks to purchase food and beverages at campus dining locations.

Block Plans are structured as a block of meals to be used at your convenience throughout the semester. If you run out of meals on a block plan, you can always add another block of meals. You can also add Terrier Bucks to your account via the Quick Links on Thomas College website.

You can ask the checker at the Dining Center to check your account balance.

Board Bucks are dedicated funds, automatically attached to a plan, which may be used to purchase food and beverages at the Dog Pound or Jeanie's Café. Board Buck amounts are predetermined for each plan and may not be purchased separately or increased during the semester. Terrier Bucks may be used for any campus purchase. In use, they are analogous to Board Bucks but may be added at any time and are not forfeited at the end of the academic year. If both Board Bucks and Terrier Bucks are available in a Card account, the system will automatically use the Board Bucks, should it be a food purchase, first since they will be lost at the end of the academic year. Any Terrier Bucks remaining on a Card, should the student no longer be attending Thomas College, will be credited to the student account and assessed for a possible refund. To add funds to your student card please HERE.

To add funds to your student card please click HERE.

Yes, you can!  You'll need the student's Student ID number.  Click here.

Yes you can! We offer sweet treats, snack packs, gift packages and care packages, as well as other items for many occasions on our online shop here.

Yes, the Thomas Catering Department is available for your catering needs—large or small—from meetings, receptions and elegant dinners to budget-friendly Club catering and meal take outs for off-campus events. For details, please visit the Catering page.